4 January 2014

request for rings of saturn....

I was really excited to have a request to make a bracelet inspired by the rings around saturn using purple coloured stones..... 

I did a little research and decided that I should use a double wire design and stones of various sizes to emulate the irregular rocks in saturn's rings. I used amethyst chips and mother of pearl coins to form focal points, and between these I put small amethyst, peridot and silver beads to represent cosmic dust and larger clear and purple Swarovski crystals to add an otherworldly sparkle! Finished off with a sterling silver chain and star :) x

I deliberately went for an irregular design, but I spaced the larger stones quite evenly to still retain balance along the bracelet...

This bracelet has quite a mixture of gemstones, each bringing their own special attributes:

Mother of Pearl provides protection and relief from stress. Mother of Pearl harnesses the gentle healing power of the sea and soothes our emotions, allowing them to become more balanced. Mother of Pearl is a first anniversary gemstone.

Amethyst is a protective stone associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditative and psychic abilities, inner peace and healing. Amethyst is thought to transform negative energy, bring an understanding of death and rebirth, promote an altered state of consciousness and relieve stress. Amethyst is considered one of the most important and powerful stones and is the birth stone for February.

Peridot is a healing stone, and it brings renewal and purification. It also promotes relaxation and sharpens intuition. Peridot is a 16th Anniversary gemstone and it is a birth stone for August.

Lucy x


  1. It's gorgeous and I loved hearing about the inspiration behind it!

  2. I think that is one pretty bracelet, delicate and ladylike. I also like the inspiration behind it, Before I saw the bracelet I was imagining it was going to be a huge lot of very big stones. You have interpreted brilliantly.

  3. A beautiful bracelet, and I love the properties associated with each stone.

  4. Hi everyone, thank you so much for your lovely comments :)

  5. A gorgeous bracelet and great colours!
    (Coming over from Handmade Monday)

  6. hello dear. you have very nice blog. I love it <3
    tell me what about follow each other, I always follow back so let me know (>‿♥)
    xoxo from Spain


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