29 December 2013

for my lovely sister :)

I made this turquoise bracelet for my sister's birthday earlier this month, and I am so happy that she loves it (phew!).

I used 2mm turquoise beads, clear Swarovski crystals of various sizes and dainty sterling silver beads. I love using two wires for bracelets, either threading them both through the same bead or separating them in places - I think you can create really interesting designs this way :)

I especially chose Turquoise because it is the birthstone for December (and I know my sister likes this stone a lot). Turquoise symbolises purification, serenity and wisdom. It is also a protection stone, and it promotes love and positive thinking :)

Lucy x

8 December 2013

I love pearls....

Here is a Keishi pearl bracelet I made last week, I have strung the pearls up to make a double bracelet. I could just imagine this walking down a church isle!! 

I was really excited to get these white Keishi pearls as Keishi Pearls are my favourite type of pearl. I love the irregular organic shapes and the way the irregularities capture the light, and seem to have such variegating different gentle hues, they look so natural and simply elegant.

Pearl symbolises purity, honesty, integrity and innocence. Pearl enhances focus, meditation and imparts tranquility and wisdom x   

Lucy :)

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