9 August 2013

beachy bracelet

I made this bracelet with a special person in mind who is about to move to a house by the sea. The turquoise beads emulate the blue sea and the mother of pearl coins represent white sand... I have added some sterling silver beads for that sparkle you get when the sun catches on the waves :) As always the gems are genuine and high quality (grade A) and I have used sterling silver throughout, including silver plated beading wire.

I hope she will like it :)

Turquoise and Mother of Pearl attributes and healing properties:

Turquoise symbolises serenity and wisdom. It provides protection and strength as well as balance. Turquoise also promotes positive thinking. Turquoise is the birthstone for December.

Mother of Pearl provides protection and relief from stress. Mother of Pearl harnesses the gentle healing power of the sea and soothes our emotions, allowing them to become more balanced. Mother of Pearl is a first anniversary gemstone.

Lucy x

4 August 2013

how to set up google analytics for folksy

Hi, I just wanted to write a quick post telling you all about how fantastic google analytics is....I have just set up google analytics with my folksy store so that I can get information about how much my store is being visited. 

Basically, google analytics is a tool that allows you to view all kinds of information about how much your website is being visited. For example, it tells you how many page-views your site is getting, how long people are staying on your webpage, how many unique visitors come to your page plus much much more. As far as I can tell, you can set up google analytics for many types of webpage/online shop.

It is really easy to set up...to set it up for a folksy store you need to:

  1.  Go to the google analytics home page, set up an account (if you already have a google email account you can sign in with this)
  2.  Create a new website profile - you put in here the web address of the site you want statistics on... (this is all really self explanatory, just fill in the various boxes)
  3. Google analytics will create a tracking ID for you (this starts with UA-)
  4. You take this tracking ID and go to your folksy store dashboard, open up 'appearance and settings' (under 'shop settings') and add in your tracking ID to the google analytics identifier box NOTE: I tried to copy my tracking ID from google analytics and then paste it into folksy - this didn't work!! I had to type the tracking ID in to folksy before folksy would accept it!
  5. Wait for a few hours...folksy and google analytics need a little time to start chatting to each other
  6. Sign in to google analytics and once folksy and google analytics have started communicating your statistics will start being recorded and you can view them :)

Word of warning, google analytics becomes slightly addictive!! 

I hope you find this information useful :)

Lucy x
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