26 March 2013

April is coming...

April is just around the corner, and so I thought I'd share a piece that incorporates one of April's birthstones - clear quartz. The richly coloured chrysocolla ovals are set off by the irregular clear quartz gems to give a glamorous effect. I love the way light dances off the quartz, and how this contrasts with the depth created by the unique natural colours and patterns in the chrysocolla. Dainty turquoise beads are added amongst the quartz to bring out the lighter hues in the chrysocolla and bring the piece together.

7 March 2013

thank you!

I was recently given these beautiful earrings, and I think they are so fabulous that I want to share them with the world! I simply love the way these pretty shell fragments have been set off by the turquoise beads. The irregular shapes of the shells and beads make each earring look organic and unique. Wearing these earrings transports my mind to memories of soft sand under my feet, the gentle lapping of the tide and warm summer evenings - thank you very much Frances :)

Lucy x

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