29 December 2013

for my lovely sister :)

I made this turquoise bracelet for my sister's birthday earlier this month, and I am so happy that she loves it (phew!).

I used 2mm turquoise beads, clear Swarovski crystals of various sizes and dainty sterling silver beads. I love using two wires for bracelets, either threading them both through the same bead or separating them in places - I think you can create really interesting designs this way :)

I especially chose Turquoise because it is the birthstone for December (and I know my sister likes this stone a lot). Turquoise symbolises purification, serenity and wisdom. It is also a protection stone, and it promotes love and positive thinking :)

Lucy x

8 December 2013

I love pearls....

Here is a Keishi pearl bracelet I made last week, I have strung the pearls up to make a double bracelet. I could just imagine this walking down a church isle!! 

I was really excited to get these white Keishi pearls as Keishi Pearls are my favourite type of pearl. I love the irregular organic shapes and the way the irregularities capture the light, and seem to have such variegating different gentle hues, they look so natural and simply elegant.

Pearl symbolises purity, honesty, integrity and innocence. Pearl enhances focus, meditation and imparts tranquility and wisdom x   

Lucy :)

30 November 2013

latest folksy sale :)

I was very excited to have a folksy sale earlier this week - this coral, onyx and gold bracelet has now travelled across the country and arrived at its home. 

It is always such a wonderful experience to wrap one of my creations up with care and love. I always make quite a fuss, putting the jewellery in a little bag on top of a cotton cushion, and I love adding flower confetti for an extra touch of colour and specialness! On the outside I tie the box with a couple of ribbons from which I hang a ceramic heart for an extra decoration.

 I get such a lot of joy out of this, I only wish I could watch it being opened at its destination! 

I hope this bracelet will bring happiness and joy to its owner :) 

Lucy :)

19 October 2013

delicate turquoise with sparkles

Here is one of my more recent creations :)

I have combined delicate turquoise beads (Grade A plus - I am always after high quality gems!) with clear Swarovski crystals to emulate the blue sea with shimmering sparkles where the waves catch the sun. I have added two larger light turquoise Swarovski crystals and sterling silver beads at the ends to frame the sterling silver lobster clasp....the beading wire is also silver plated.

Turquoise is the birthstone for December. It is said to protect its wearer, and to promote serenity, balance, wisdom and positive thinking x

Lucy x

3 October 2013

folksy store open

Hi everyone,

I am back from my travels, and so my folksy store is open again :)

Lucy x

7 September 2013

himalayan salt lamps

I am the latest fan of Himalayan Salt Lamps! 

I was recently visiting a friend who has several of these beautiful lamps in her home. They are hand carved from Himalayan salt and they are lit up from the inside thus creating a warm glowing light. I love the cosy ambience they create plus they are said to naturally improve air quality by letting out healthy negative ions - basically, the salt draws in water molecules from the air and then when the lamp gets warm the water and salt react and let out negative ions. The negative ions are supposed to counteract harmful positive ions from electrical equipment. Airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens are also said to be purified from the air. 

I love them and I am looking forward to getting some for my home very soon! :)

9 August 2013

beachy bracelet

I made this bracelet with a special person in mind who is about to move to a house by the sea. The turquoise beads emulate the blue sea and the mother of pearl coins represent white sand... I have added some sterling silver beads for that sparkle you get when the sun catches on the waves :) As always the gems are genuine and high quality (grade A) and I have used sterling silver throughout, including silver plated beading wire.

I hope she will like it :)

Turquoise and Mother of Pearl attributes and healing properties:

Turquoise symbolises serenity and wisdom. It provides protection and strength as well as balance. Turquoise also promotes positive thinking. Turquoise is the birthstone for December.

Mother of Pearl provides protection and relief from stress. Mother of Pearl harnesses the gentle healing power of the sea and soothes our emotions, allowing them to become more balanced. Mother of Pearl is a first anniversary gemstone.

Lucy x

4 August 2013

how to set up google analytics for folksy

Hi, I just wanted to write a quick post telling you all about how fantastic google analytics is....I have just set up google analytics with my folksy store so that I can get information about how much my store is being visited. 

Basically, google analytics is a tool that allows you to view all kinds of information about how much your website is being visited. For example, it tells you how many page-views your site is getting, how long people are staying on your webpage, how many unique visitors come to your page plus much much more. As far as I can tell, you can set up google analytics for many types of webpage/online shop.

It is really easy to set up...to set it up for a folksy store you need to:

  1.  Go to the google analytics home page, set up an account (if you already have a google email account you can sign in with this)
  2.  Create a new website profile - you put in here the web address of the site you want statistics on... (this is all really self explanatory, just fill in the various boxes)
  3. Google analytics will create a tracking ID for you (this starts with UA-)
  4. You take this tracking ID and go to your folksy store dashboard, open up 'appearance and settings' (under 'shop settings') and add in your tracking ID to the google analytics identifier box NOTE: I tried to copy my tracking ID from google analytics and then paste it into folksy - this didn't work!! I had to type the tracking ID in to folksy before folksy would accept it!
  5. Wait for a few hours...folksy and google analytics need a little time to start chatting to each other
  6. Sign in to google analytics and once folksy and google analytics have started communicating your statistics will start being recorded and you can view them :)

Word of warning, google analytics becomes slightly addictive!! 

I hope you find this information useful :)

Lucy x

28 July 2013

free moo business cards for all folksy sellers

Hi, here's a heads-up for all you folksy sellers out there - did you know that you can get 50 free business cards from Moo.com !? If you take a look on your shop dashboard you will see under 'partnerships' a 'business cards' link. If you click on this you will be taken to Moo.com who offer all folksy sellers 50 free business cards. The catch is that you will have the folksy logo on your cards. 

I thought I'd give it a go and I am really pleased with the result:

The cards are double sided and you can have either a matt or gloss finish (I went for gloss). Also, you can have different designs on different cards, i.e. you can split your 50 cards into two lots of 25 with different designs.

I am really happy with the way these have turned out :) 

Lucy x

25 July 2013

make your own light box

Hi, I have had a lot of nice comments about my photography and so I thought I'd let you in on my secret to success... well, one of them!! :)

I take all my pictures in my light box, and no, it isn't a fancy expensive contraption, it is a card-board box adapted with tissue paper and white card!

I was originally thinking of buying an expensive light box, but I thought I'd try this first and I am so pleased with how it has turned out. 

All you need is a large box, white tissue paper, a large piece of white card and some lamps. 

How to make:

1. Cut out three sides of the box, leaving large borders for strength. 

2. Cover the holes you have created with a single layer of white tissue paper. 

3. Place the box on the side you have not cut out, and position your white card inside so that it creates a curved back-drop, use sticky-tape to stick it at the top - you may need to cut your card down to the right size to fit your box. 

4. Place your lamps so they shine through the tissue paper- this is better than having lamps glaring directly at what you are photographing, as the tissue paper creates a nice diffuse and gentle light reducing massive shadows.

Note: make sure your lamps are not too close to your tissue paper as this would be a fire hazard, and do not leave your lamps on unattended.

And there you have it, a fantastic light box for lovely photos :)

Lucy x

24 July 2013

coral and onyx bracelet

Here is one of my latest creations - round coral and faceted onyx beads combined with gold. I enjoy combining smooth and faceted beads because I feel the contrasting surfaces create more interest and set each other off. I put tiny gold beads within the coral clusters to add a little more sparkle :) 

This bracelet is now for sale on my folksy store :)

Coral and Onyx attributes and healing properties:

Coral symbolises joy and happiness, promoting the wearer to enjoy life. Coral absorbs negative energy and promotes friendship and creativity.

Onyx is thought to impart strength, stamina and self-control.

Lucy x

22 July 2013

folksy store open!

This is a very exciting day for me as I have just opened my peace of gem folksy store!

Here are the first three listed items:

Pearl, Swarovski crystal and flower bracelet

 Agate, pearl and Swarovski crystal necklace with silver butterfly

 Chrysocolla and quartz necklace

More coming soon!

Lucy x

14 July 2013

why I love coral

Coral is undeniably a marvel - it is the largest structure made by any living group of animals in the world _and_ it is beautiful. 

Coral was once thought to be a plant, and because of this coral has been called the garden of the sea. Coral has long been recognised as special - the Ancient Egyptians placed pieces of coral in their tombs to protect against evil spirits because they believed coral contained divine blood. This idea also turns up in Greek mythology: when Perseus severed the head of the Gorgon Medusa, some drops of blood are said to have fallen into the sea and solidified creating coral. We now know that coral is actually the exoskeleton of tiny marine animals that grow together in colonies.

Coral is said to absorb negative energy and quieten the emotions promoting inner peace. 

4 June 2013

what amazing colours...

I came across these amazing geraniums the other day, and I loved the pink colours so much that I wanted to share them :)

22 April 2013

inspirational quote...

I always love an inspiring quote.....

'Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.'

image taken from:
This quote is from George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950), an Irish playwright. He definitely created himself - being the only person to be awarded both a Nobel Prize in Literature (1925) for his contributions to literature and an Oscar (1938) for his work on the film Pygmalion.

I find Shaw himself even more inspiring because he wanted to refuse the Nobel Prize as he had no desire for public honours. In the end he did accept the prize because his wife considered it to be a tribute to Ireland. However, he rejected the monetary award, asking that it be used instead to finance the translation of the work of a fellow playwright.

Lucy x

26 March 2013

April is coming...

April is just around the corner, and so I thought I'd share a piece that incorporates one of April's birthstones - clear quartz. The richly coloured chrysocolla ovals are set off by the irregular clear quartz gems to give a glamorous effect. I love the way light dances off the quartz, and how this contrasts with the depth created by the unique natural colours and patterns in the chrysocolla. Dainty turquoise beads are added amongst the quartz to bring out the lighter hues in the chrysocolla and bring the piece together.

7 March 2013

thank you!

I was recently given these beautiful earrings, and I think they are so fabulous that I want to share them with the world! I simply love the way these pretty shell fragments have been set off by the turquoise beads. The irregular shapes of the shells and beads make each earring look organic and unique. Wearing these earrings transports my mind to memories of soft sand under my feet, the gentle lapping of the tide and warm summer evenings - thank you very much Frances :)

Lucy x

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