1 October 2012

shell, pearl and amethyst necklace

High quality shell beads are so iridescent that they are always sure to make for a big impact piece. I have taken purple, peach and white beautiful large shell beads, chained them up in a repeating colour pattern and framed them with delicate pure white pearls and purple faceted amethyst beads. I have then used the dainty white pearls to extend round to the clasp, punctuated with the purple amethyst beads. The sterling silver lobster clasp fits with an adjustable sterling silver chain, allowing for extra wearability - plus I think the chain is a lovely feature in itself!

Pearl and amethyst attributes and healing properties:

Pearl symbolises purity, faith, charity and innocence. Pearls help provide focus and enhance personal integrity. 

Amethyst is a protective stone associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditative and psychic abilities, inner peace and healing. Amethyst is thought to transform negative energy, bring an understanding of death and rebirth, promote an altered state of consciousness and relieve stress. Amethyst is considered one of the most important and powerful stones and is the birth stone for February.

Lucy  x

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