20 July 2012

pearl, coral & mother of pearl necklace

This necklace was inspired by prisitine white beaches and clear blue waters. Three special gems found at sea - Pearl, Coral and Mother of Pearl - are combined to create this gentle and natural looking necklace. I wanted a piece that allowed the wearer to always have a piece of the ocean spirit with them.

The lucky four leaf clover coral pendant is framed by the mother of pearl, and light pink rice pearls complete this charming piece.

Pearl, Coral and Mother of Pearl attributes and healing properties:

Pearl symbolises purity, faith, charity and innocence. Pearls help provide focus and enhance personal integrity. 

Coral symbolises joy and happiness, promoting the wearer to enjoy life. Coral absorbs negative energy and promotes friendship and creativity.

Mother of Pearl provides protection and relief from stress. Mother of Pearl harnesses the gentle healing power of the sea and soothes our emotions, allowing them to become more balanced. Mother of Pearl is a first anniversary gemstone.


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