30 July 2012

amethyst pendant

Amethyst has long had a special place amongst the gemstones. This is partly because its distinguishing purple colouring has made it a royal favourite - fine amethysts are mounted in the British Crown Jewels and a royal preference for amethyst dates right back to the Ancient Egyptians. I think the royals of all ages were on to a good thing, which is why I have created this necklace made exclusively with amethyst.

The beautifully formed deep purple drop shaped amethyst pendant hangs between triangular beads that imitate the light catching facets of the centre-piece. Delicate spherical amethyst beads of varying hues from almost clear through to lilac and splendid inky purple finish this piece and a silver lobster clasp ensures a safe fastening.

Amethyst attributes and healing properties:

Amethyst is a protective stone associated with increased nobility, spiritual awareness, meditative and psychic abilities, inner peace and healing. Amethyst is thought to transform negative energy, bring an understanding of death and rebirth, promote an altered state of consciousness and relieve stress. Amethyst is considered one of the most important and powerful stones and is the birth stone for February.


  1. oh I love that stone and the way the light bounces off it x

  2. I agree, it's a beautiful stone!

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comments :)

  4. this is so gorgeous! love your blog, i'm your new follower! here's my makeup blog if you're interested...



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