11 July 2012

agate & pearl butterfly necklace

I have combined yellow faceted Agate beads, green baroque Pearls and yellow and citron Swarovski Bicone crystals with lace and silver fittings to create a fresh summery look. The centre piece is an ornate imprinted buttterfly made from silver. This bright necklace is perfect for everyday wear, and would also make a lovely accompaniment to summery evening attire.

Agate and Pearl attributes and healing properties:

The gemstone Agate is a grounding stone - it brings about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Agate harmonises yin and yang, is soothing and calming and helps build self confidence. This crystal can improve concentration and perception by enhancing mental function. 

Pearls symbolise purity, and they signify faith, charity and innocence. Pearls help provide focus and enhance personal integrity. 


  1. oh this is a lovely necklace! Beautiful colour.

  2. Thank you so much :) And thanks for taking time to stop by.

  3. i like the touch of yellow ribbon at the back!

  4. Where do you sell your products? Are you on Etsy? I will have to look at your site on the computer. Because it's not showing up on my iPod.

  5. Hi Tammy, we are actually planning to set up our Etsy store this weekend! We will put up a special post about it when it becomes 'live'

    thanks for your interest :)

  6. That's awesome!! Please keep me in the "know"... Is this piece for sale? My daughter LOVES the color yellow!!


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