29 June 2014

packaging is an art of its own....

I think beautiful packaging is just as important as the special item inside, so I have been researching artistic approaches for packaging.  Here are some of my favourite inspiration finds...

Love the combo of colours, string and flourishes:

Beautiful sleeves:

Fab stickers by Turquoise Eye:

Pretty tags:

Fabric covered:

That was the easy bit, now I need to put my research to good use....  :)

Lucy x

12 May 2014

rubber stamp and thank you Turquoise Eye :)

I was really excited to receive my custom made rubber stamp from blade rubber stamps .... I am very pleased with how the finer details have come out so well :) Now I can add an extra special touch to my parcels ...

Also, I would like to say a huge thank you to Joanne from Turquoise Eye for her shout out on Facebook - because of this I have received a lovely set of new likers :) This made me so happy :)

You might want to check out Joanne's beautiful intricately hand painted jewellery on her Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/TurquoiseEyeJoanne - or her etsy store - http://www.etsy.com/shop/turquoiseeye.

Lucy x

4 May 2014

starting with etsy and want some free listings??

I have just discovered that you can earn free listings on etsy if you invite a friend to sign up ... and then that friend also gets 40 free listings!!! (one listing costs $0.20, so this offer is worth $8!)

Here is the screenshot of the page that promoted this:

So, if you are thinking of starting an etsy shop use the link below for your sign up - if you do this you will get 40 free listings (and so will I!) yey!!


lucy :)

1 May 2014

spring hippie boho bracelets :)

I was having a lot of fun photographing some of my latest bracelets.... usually I picture them one by one for my folksy or etsy store, but I got quite excited by the bohemian look created when they were combined.....

Only trouble is, now I want to keep them _all_!!


Lucy x

11 April 2014

dipping my toes into etsy ....

I have been wanting to do this for a while, and now I have finally found the time to open my wonderful etsy store ....

I was blown away by receiving 3 likes in the first hour of opening - I am taking this as a sign of great things to come!! 

So far I am really impressed with etsy - it was easy to set up shop, the shop dashboard is great, as are the real time stats, and I love how you can link to social media like facebook...

I am currently playing with the tags to try to find words or combinations of words that will help get my items higher up in search results - so far I am not having much luck with this .... I will let you know if I find the secret to success :)

Have a great day

Lucy xxx
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